Graphic Designer & Creative VISION

i was born with an innate sense of curiosity for how things work. Always enthusiastic about observing things in life. It was only natural that i would become a graphic designer. As long as i can remember i’ve had a passion for creating things, as a designer and creative director i get to do that every day.

Innovative ideas come in waves, and when the right one comes along, you have to catch it, ride it and, make it your own. It gives me great satisfaction to continually be chasing waves. Knowing i chose the right path in life.





Look closely at something long enough – you’ll realize that the answer to the problem has been right 
in front of you the entire time.

Hardware – I am Apple macOS and iOS compatible. Software – My design tools are in the Adobe Creative Cloud, which offers the most excellent creative tools. Three decades of dedication to the craft. All combined benefit the final product and, ultimately, my clients.

Technical Expertise – I’m proficient in using Mac iOS, Adobe Creative Cloud, Desktop, and Mobile. Social media marketing fundamentals, UI design, Web design, digital publishing, traditional and digital pre-press for print.

what's the next big idea?