Pride a Year in Review

In 2019 New Hope Celebrates launched an aggressive marketing campaign in 2019. Their PrideFest theme was “Come as you are,” in an effort to celebrate the 50th. Anniversary of the NYC Stonewall Riots. Gordon Pulaski, Creative Director, led the NHC team in developing a targeted marketing strategy that included a vibrant campaign depicting today’s diverse community with a welcoming message. More than fifteen thousand were in attendance that weekend. View 44 page full color Annual Review on line or order a printed copy.

Inside + Out LGBTQ History Exhibit

The Making of the Inside OUT LGBTQ Rainbow Door Exhibit 2019 The “Inside + Out in New Hope” is a unique interactive exhibit that features eight individual rainbow-colored doors. The doors open, revealing a glimpse of New Hope’s colorful and diverse history. Visitors will also be encouraged to use their mobile device’s camera to scan a unique QR code. Allowing them to view the content in more magnificent detail online. Dive deeper into New Hope’s iconic past by exploring several local venues that have shaped our community. Exhibit design and Art direction – Gordon Pulaski and NHC Team.

Brand Building - Good News for Positive Living

Concept Development: is a digital lifestyle brand designed for a new era of HIV positive and AIDS education. This platform is for personal lifestyle management. Our goal is to engage our viewers through the magic of video and spoken words. Leveraging social media resources like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TickToc, and other relevant media channels. For FACT Bucks County.